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Wheat Bread - Scoring Bread

The result of Scoring Bread

The Art of Bread Making – Scoring Bread

Bread making has been around for centuries, and with advancements in tools and with the freshest ingredients breads have never tasted better. Whether its French bread, Baguettes, Italian bread, or Sour Dough breads they are all special to the baker.    The tool bakers use for making his mark on loafs of bread is the called a “Lame”. A Lame is used on raw dough to allow moisture to escape and give the bread the proper bloom. Scoring bread is time honored way for bakers  to leave their  signature on your final product with style and grace.

Safety- When scoring bread:

Artisan Bread making is becoming a social event with new stores all over the country now making their own healthier breads for there customers to enjoy.  This has brought on safety issues because scoring bread is done with a very sharp instrument, and if the person doing the work isn’t careful the chances of injury is high. We were contacted by a  NY state health inspector and he said they are recommending our product, over the use of the standard Lames just for that reason. The last thing any Bakery needs is bloody bread due to a small mistake.

The Bread Score is the perfect tool for the baker to use when safety and efficiency is required.

  • Eliminates the hazards inherent with handling bare double edge razor blades. No Cuts – No Lost Blades – No Problems
  • The folding style allows it to be safely carried and put away
  • The blades are securely attached to the handle, they will not fall off and end up in the dough.
  • It uses a shaving quality stainless steel razor blade, manufactured in the USA
  • Light Weight and Small – 8 Grams total weight and the blade is 2.5 ” long
  • Cost effective and safe, recommended by NY state food safety inspectors
  • 100% manufactured in the United States of America.

Our Product

  • Scoring Raw Bread DoughScoring Raw Bread Dough
  • The Bread Scorer SafeThe Bread Scorer,
    Small – Economical – Safe
  • The Finished ProductThe Finished Product
    Beautiful Bread