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Over the last few years we have been receiving orders for our folding utility knives from bakeries in the New York metropolitan area. We didn’t know exactly why, until we asked one of the buyers, who informed us that a NY state food safety inspector was recommending it to all the bakers as a much safer alternative to the current "Lame" they were using. Today we supply many Artisan Bread bakeries all over the country. Sometimes without any help a product can find its way into industries that you would never have thought of…


Warren Grosjean started Derma-Safe in 1979. Before starting the company he worked for Schick as Director of Quality Control for 14 years, and was instrumental in the development of their Stainless Steel razor blade manufacturing. Warren Grosjean

When Warren retired from Schick he worked on a design for a dry shave surgical prep razor, which he patented and sold under the name Derma-Safe Company.

In the late 70’s thru the early 2000’s we designed and manufactured surgical prep razors for hospital use for companies like BARD and many kit Paul (Mechanical Engineer) manufacturers.

In 1995, Warren’s son Paul (Mechanical Engineer) came back to help modernize and help with the day to days of running the company. Derma-Safe is a family business that’s been manufacturing razor-based products for over 30 years.

Now, as Derma-Safe LLC our focus is on our line of folding utility knives and folding survival saws. We currently supply our Military with an average of 600,000 folding utility knives each year. Additional we supply private label survival kit manufactures with both the knife and our saws. We are engineers who have been designing and prototyping different ideas for decades, most recently we have started working in the aquatic weed control industry fighting Non Native invasive species. This line of products is designed for lake front property owners to use in there fight against aquatic weeds. You may ask, “Why did we get into this type of product line?” Well we live on a lake and had a problem. Please, if you have a questions or a problem we are always willing to help. Have fun..

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